United Way; A Catalyst for Change

by United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region

Posted on behalf of Christopher Riker, Director of Marketing & Communications at the United Way of the Battle Creek & Kalamazoo Region

If I do my job right, you’ll never again think of United Way as simply a fundraiser.

Of course, that’s how most people view United Way – understandably so, since raising and investing funds in the community is an important part of our work. But if our region is to thrive, United Way must be much more than a fundraiser and funder.

This year we celebrate the 125th anniversary of United Way’s founding by affirming our role as a catalyst for change. With more than 1,800 local and autonomous United Ways throughout the world, we work with partners across all sectors to identify the greatest needs in the community, define their root causes, accelerate change and advance the common good for all.

In our view, we all win when a child realizes his or her full potential.  We all win when individuals and families have enough income to support themselves through retirement. We all win when individuals and families have access to high quality and affordable healthcare.

Money is part of the solution. But if that was the whole answer, the issues that plague our region would have been solved long ago.

Funding is just the start.  United Way works diligently with people and organizations to understand conditions and set goals in the areas of EDUCATION, INCOME and HEALTH, the building blocks of a vibrant community. We mobilize both human and financial resources, report results from our collective efforts, add value whenever/wherever possible, and invite individuals and organizations to engage with us in creating a stronger, safer, healthier region.

That’s way more effective than simply running an annual campaign – because success depends on all of us working together.

That’s where you come in.

You can GIVE by donating your time, talents and yes, some of your financial resources.

You can ADVOCATE by finding your voice and become a champion for United Way and the critical issues we tackle together.

You can VOLUNTEER by lending a hand to our shared efforts.

No great social movement was ever created by one individual or organization working in isolation. In order to create the change necessary in our region, we need individuals and organizations working together. Our collective future depends on our collective actions.

Join us. LIVE UNITED.  

To find out how you can get more engaged, please email information@uwbckr.org