Wellness Wednesday: Gold Medal Snacking

by Kellie Cochrane

Photo Credit: Today I Ate a Rainbow

Everyone seems to be coming down with Olympic Fever.  The 2012 Olympics in London have engrossed people around the world, and honestly, who can blame us?  It’s a lot of fun cheering on our favorites and watching the amazing feats of athleticism.

The irony of course, is that we are sitting mesmerized by our tvs for probably longer than we care to admit.  As one of my friends recently told me, “The Olympics are really turning me into a couch potato.”  As we all know, sitting on the couch watching tv for hours usually requires some snacks, which can be a dangerous combination.   Now, I’m not suggesting you stop watching the Olympics, that would be just downright unpatriotic, but there are some great tips out there for healthy eating ideas to help you stay on track while suffering from Olympic Fever.

Mom.me has a ton of great ideas for guilt free snacking.  Such as apples and almond butter, veggies and hummus and tuna crackers.  Almond butter also happens to be a favorite of Kerry Walsh, so remember that if you’re interested in dominating a beach volleyball game with friends.  All of these snacks are delicious and something the whole family can enjoy.

Another idea?  Try using commercial breaks as a chance for a little exercising.  Set a challenge for each break: 15 sit ups, 10 push ups or 10 lunges.   If you’re watching with a crowd, get into the competitive spirit and see who can do the most before the commercials end.  Now this might not be the rigorous training Olympians use, but it gets you up and moving!

So continue to enjoy the 2012 Olympics, with your own health and wellness in mind!